Failure Leads to Success!

Society leads us to believe that it’s not okay to fail. When we fail we believe we aren’t good enough, that we didn’t try hard enough and we feel ashamed. We don’t want people to think any less of us if we fail so this lead us to not want to try.

But if we don’t try how can we reach our goals, pursue our dreams and become more successful. Failure is needed to learn from our mistakes, to get better and to reach our goals. If something you are working on such as a project at the office or trying out for a school team doesn’t work out, you need to pick yourself up and try again and again and again, until you get it right. Each step in failure leads to success.

Take Michael Jordan for example. In Michael’s sophomore year at Laney High School in Wilmington, N.C. he was “cut” from the varsity basketball team and placed on the junior varsity team. In his mind he failed when his name was on the list of players who made the JV team. Failing to make the varsity team drove him to work harder and improve his game because he was never going to let that happen again. Michael went on to be one of the best and most successful NBA basketball players in history. And, that high school gym where he “failed”, is named in his honor because of his success.

When we fail we can chose one of two paths. One path leads to going in a different direction and the second path leads to refocusing and trying again. Michael chose Path #2. He wanted to play basketball, it was his passion. Failing to make the varsity team made him work harder and he was determined to push himself to be better. He proved that he was good enough to be playing on the team. Trying to get better is not a sign of failure.

On the other hand, take Evan Williams, co-founder of Twitter. He chose Path #1 when his first business Odeo ran up against the competition of Apple’s podcasting platform. Williams redirected his focus based on his experience and what he had learned. That decision made him a mega millionaire from letting his failure with Odeo lead him to success with Twitter.

Failure makes us stronger. Being able to overcome obstacles and accept defeat makes us stronger. Everyone of us will face failure. How we deal with it will determine our success. Think of a time when you faced failure–maybe it was a relationship or a job. Taking what you learned from that experience, how did you apply those lessons to help you get back up? Which path did you choose?

Michael and Evan took their failures and turned them into amazing success stories. Don’t be afraid to fail. Know it will happen and let it guide you past those who are afraid to try.

Fall, Get Back Up and Be Your Own Success!