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PattiOur Services

► Workplace Wellness Training
► Workplace Wellness Development
► Accountability Partner
► Individual and Group Fitness Training
Speaking – Topics Include:

  • “ME” Time
  • The Game of Life – How Well are You Playing
  • Personal Growth
  • Believing in Yourself with Confidence and Positivity
  • Teamwork

Patti is passionate about helping businesses and individuals reach their wellness goals and being successful in life. Wellness Game Plan, All-Star Coaching for Success, will help you set goals to “Get In The Game”. With over 30 years of experience in the worlds of sports, fitness, and wellness I’ve coached many teams on the court, on the field and in the workplace with positive results and success.

Healthier and happier employees make for a more engaged and fun workplace which leads to a positive culture. Creating a “Wellness Game Plan” for your company shows employees they are valued members of the team. It’s a Win-Win for all players.

Businesses will design a wellness program which will provide:

► Group Training Sessions
► Higher Engagement
► Healthier Employees
► Positive Results

Many of us get overwhelmed with daily commitments and struggle to find the right balance for success.

Clients will get the support they need to “Get Off the Bench” and “Into the Game” through:

► Positive Motivation
► Encouragement
► Accountability
► Coaching

Each player will design their own personal game plan and gain:

► “Me” Time
► Confidence
► Results
► Success

Become A Member of Positive Patti’s Team!

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