As summer winds down and the cooler nights start to arrive, it can only mean one thing…School will soon be in session!  It takes awhile for everyone to adjust to a new routine of classes, homework, sports and after school activities but with a few tips the transition will be easier.

Prep and Pack Healthy Snacks and Lunches

It may be easier to stock up on packaged snacks and lunches, but packing healthier foods is important and a better option. Take the time to buy and prepare fresh fruits and vegetables over the weekend. Cut them up and put them in small reusable containers for the week. Avoid using plastic baggies. Not only does this cut down on the amount of trash at school, it also helps you to know how much your kids are eating during the day. Good nutrition helps to maintain energy.

Set Bedtimes

Although sleep requirements vary between individuals, it’s essential to get a good nights sleep to help with focus throughout the day. Kids should get no less than eight hours of sleep per night while adults should get at least 8 hours. It’s not too early to start getting the bedtime routine in place. Begin by putting the kids to bed a few minutes earlier each night so when the first day of school is here it will be easier to get them out of bed and ready for school. Stick to the routine so their body adjusts.

Stay Connected and Limit Stress

Going back to school is a stressful time for kids and parents. A new school, new teacher, new bus route and many other things can bring on stress. Being stressed out can lead to a variety of health issues so it’s important to take time to talk with your kids about how they are doing at school. Stay connected and spend time together as a family to help reduce some of the stress your kids might be experiencing. Laugh, play and relax together. It does the body good!